Announcements August 27, 2017

HELP WITH GERMANTOWN'S "SNEAK A PEEK" NIGHT! This Thursday, on August 31, Germantown Elementary will be hosting a "Sneak a Peek" night for school families from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. We have been asked to help make this as welcoming and exciting an event as possible! If you would like to come help us welcome kids and their parents to a new school year, please let Josh know by emailing We would love for you to come out!

BLOOD DRIVE! On September 10, The Anne Arundel Medical Center's BloodMobile will be at Germantown all morning! Historically, Revolution has been a major supporter of the BloodMobile, and we would like for everyone to plan to come early or stay late to donate. This is an amazing opportunity to make a real difference in our city, RIGHT NOW!

NEW GROUPS! Our fall groups are launching the week of September 10! If you haven't signed up yet, head on over to the Groups page and click the link to see this fall's options and register. You can also learn more by clicking the 'Groups' button on the Revolution App!

Kenny Camacho