Why church?

It’s a question we believe needs to be taken seriously: in an age when there are almost no aspects of a church’s weekly service or production that can’t be found with just a few taps on your cell phone—from great sermons, to moving songs, to meaningful service opportunities—why is it really worth being a part of a local church at all?

At Revolution, we think the answer begins with God’s clear passion for relationships: the story of the Bible is a story about a relational God’s unstoppable desire to foster meaningful relationships between Himself and His people, between the people themselves, and between His people and the world He created. We aren’t meant to live life or pursue faith alone; we are made to love God and walk alongside one another.

To condense that down into a mission statement, at Revolution, we believe that the church exists to serve as a witness to and a model of God’s love, as revealed in Jesus; to encourage everyone to take steps towards that love and to grow; and then, as we grow, to become instruments of God’s healing and justice in our world. We do these things together because we are made for relationships.




Revolution is a safe place to belong before you believe.

We want to imitate Jesus, who lived with and loved people, no matter what they thought about him.



At Revolution, we think beliefs grow as we wrestle with them.

Questions are always welcome here, and we want to test our beliefs by putting them into practice in our lives.



At Revolution, we believe God is always working to bring us and our world back into relationship with him.

The church is part of God’s plan to seek justice, meet others’ needs, and share his radical love.