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On March 17, we are planning to offer an opportunity for anyone who is interested to become baptized. Baptism is a huge part of making the decision to follow Jesus…but it’s a pretty unusual and mysterious ritual, too! If you are interested in learning more about baptism, please let Kenny know at or talk to him on Sunday morning. There is no pressure, and he would love to answer any questions you might have. If you are the parent of a child considering baptism, you can also talk with Shawn Livingston, who leads our RevKIDS team, and who will also be participating in the service that day. You can reach Shawn at


At the beginning of January, our church purchased 1.5 million dollars of medical debt in the state of Maryland. This week, letters are being sent to the individuals and families who owe that debt letting them know that it has been forgiven as a no-strings-attached gift from an anonymous donor. To all of you who participated in the fundraising for this act, thank you so much for your generosity. We are incredibly humbled and honored to be used by God to meet the needs of our neighbors in this practical and tremendously impactful way. This is the kind of church we want to continue to be...and we are excited about the next steps we hope to take as we keep working to eradicate the burdens of medical debt in our community!


This Sunday, on March 10th, Rev Middle will start back up on the 2nd and 4th Sunday mornings of each month. As kids enter this stage of life, they are bombarded with information, change and ideas. At Revolution, we want to make sure that the youth in our community have a safe place to filter through and challenge these new experiences in a way that fosters a passion for Truth. With consistent leaders, conversation with peers, and the words of Scripture, we hope our middle school group will be a great addition to our church! To learn more about what we are offering, or to explore volunteering with Revolution youth, please contact Shawn Livingston at


We are excited to announce that on April 12-14, the men of Revolution are going to be returning to Indian Lake Camp for the annual Men’s Retreat! Here at Revolution, we try to create a retreat environment that lives up to its name, so get ready for plenty of good food, encouraging conversations, spiritual encouragement, and lots of time to relax. The Camp is rustic (bring a sleeping bag!), but there are showers, a large dining hall, and plenty of places to explore. The cost is $75. Sign up HERE TODAY!


Are you a mom of young children? We'd love to see you at the Revolution MOMS group Wednesday, March 13th, at 500 Wilson Road, Annapolis at 9:15 am. We’re going to be discussing the podcast Parenting Forward, episode 1 : Five Pillars of Progressive Faith Parenting. (Childcare is provided for $5.)


We’re trying something new this year with Revolution’s 1st Family Retreat in Berkeley Springs, WV! Our hope is that Family Retreat will be a time of rest, fun, and connection for the members of our Revolution family. Whether you’re new to camping or an old pro, Family Retreat is for you, and we hope you’ll join us! Save the date for May 16-19, 2019 (but feel free to come late or leave early). For more information, go to


Over the last several weeks, we have been talking a lot about sharing our stories with one another…even when those stories are messy or unfinished! We believe that sharing stories is one of the most important ways that we connect with one another, encourage one another, and support one another in our journeys. It’s through our stories that we truly understand we are not alone, and that our beliefs about God and faith grow when we talk about them! If you would be interested in sharing a story about your life, faith, or questions at Revolution—even anonymously—you can learn more about how to do that by talking with Fred Miller, who will be serving as our Storytelling Coordinator this year. He would love to hear from you! You can reach Fred by email at


A local food pantry has opened in the Harbor House community, and they have a need for paper grocery bags! Bags are often available for donation at local grocery stores, which is where you come in: the next time you go to the store, please take a moment to ask Customer Service if they have bags they would be willing to donate. You can drop off the bags on Sunday mornings at the Welcome + Info table, or you can give them directly to Edward Giard, who will be acting as our point person with this project. Lastly, this is an ongoing need, so even if you can’t help this week, there will be more opportunities to give as we move forward with this exciting and important initiative!


The "Flourish" project aspires to connect people here and around the country with serving opportunities in their local communities. If you are interested in this project and would like to learn more, or even help out, please let Josh know by sending him a quick email at



If you would like to give to this and other ministries in Annapolis, please consider setting up re-occurring giving through our safe, secure web portal here


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