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CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! We are now in Week 2 of our Spring Groups! In addition to our 4 Local Groups, which are always up and running, we have started 4 new Connection Groups (including a Moms’ Group, opportunities for building community with local college students, and a group for bi-monthly men's events!) as well as 5 Workshop Groups (including the return of Theology on Tap, No Kids Allowed!, and a new book study led by Ivy Connelly!). It’s going to be a really exciting season, and we can’t stress enough how important being a part of a Group is for finding belonging and being challenged towards growth here at Revolution. Sign ups are HERE, and stay tuned to The Loop for more info!

BELONG // Are you a mom of young children? We'd love to see you at the Revolution MOMS group Wednesday, February 13th, at 120 Sumner Road, Annapolis at 9:15 am. (Childcare is provided for $5.)


Three weeks ago, Kenny challenged everyone who was at church to write down their name and email address on a slip of paper and then put it in a fish bowl. Last week, the people who participated were connected with their partners and given their assignment: share a meal together. The big idea is that if we want to truly be a church that values “belonging,” we need to take more intentional steps towards that value than simply saying it on Sunday mornings! If you haven’t done so already, make sure to introduce yourself to your partner(s) this week! We are excited to hear more about your time together, and if you have stories or pictures to share, please make sure to email Meredith Camacho after you meet at


Thanks to your generosity and God’s awesome provision, we raised more money than we needed to buy $1,000,000 of local medical debt…so we’re going to look for more! We have taken the next step with RIP Medical (the organization we are partnering with for this project), and updates should be coming soon about how this process will unfold in the weeks ahead. What we can share is that we are going to be buying and forgiving 1.5 million dollars of debt in an area stretching from Frederick to Baltimore and Silver Spring to Annapolis! God is awesome…and we are so excited about what He is going to do next!


A local food pantry has opened in the Harbor House community, and they have a need for paper grocery bags! Bags are often available for donation at local grocery stores, which is where you come in: the next time you go to the store, please take a moment to ask Customer Service if they have bags they would be willing to donate. You can drop off the bags on Sunday mornings at the Welcome + Info table, or you can give them directly to Edward Giard, who will be acting as our point person with this project. Lastly, this is an ongoing need, so even if you can’t help this week, there will be more opportunities to give as we move forward with this exciting and important initiative!


We’re trying something new this year with Revolution’s 1st Family Retreat in Berkeley Springs, WV! Our hope is that Family Retreat will be a time of rest, fun, and connection for the members of our Revolution family. Whether you’re new to camping or an old pro, Family Retreat is for you, and we hope you’ll join us! Save the date for May 16-19, 2019 (but feel free to come late or leave early). For more information, go to


The "Flourish" project aspires to connect people here and around the country with serving opportunities in their local communities. If you are interested in this project and would like to learn more, or even help out, please let Josh know by sending him a quick email at



If you would like to give to this and other ministries in Annapolis, please consider setting up re-occurring giving through our safe, secure web portal here


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