Church Community Builder, or "CCB," is Revolution's online community platform. We use this platform to develop individual volunteer profiles, manage our small groups, organize event registrations, keep track of annual giving statements, and even develop a comprehensive event calendar. 

When you share your email with Revolution, you will receive a response from us with information about how to create your own "CCB Profile." This profile is a crucial part of connecting at Revolution: the information you provide about your interests, passions, and abilities enables us to inform you about service opportunities inside our church, and in the broader Annapolis community, that align with who you are. Do you have a second, unused vehicle someone could borrow while their car is in the shop? Are you looking for a room to use for a month while you are transitioning or moving houses? CCB allows us to coordinate these kinds of resources within our church, giving us the ability to respond quickly to needs inside our community and throughout our city! Filling out your profile takes less than 5 minutes, so complete yours today.