8.11.19 - Queen Esther (Kenny Camacho)

SCRIPTURE: Esther 3:13-4:16

At first glance, Esther seems like the luckiest girl in the world: despite growing up an outcast, she is chosen by a handsome king to be his beautiful queen, blessed to new love, new wealth, and new influence in the kingdom. But in reality, even these apparent “blessings” create more difficulties and responsibilities. Faced with a new decree that will mean the extermination of her people, Esther is asked to put her new life at risk in order to stand up for what God says is right. The boundaries between “blessings” and “curses” in this story are blurry, but what shines through is a larger point about who God really is: even when our own sight fails and our ability to discern right from wrong feels hopeless, we can trust in God’s character, his timing, and his calling. Whether or not the turns of fortune in our life are “lucky” might be impossible to know. But no matter who we are or where we are, we can always depend on a God who loves us and invites us to participate with him in what is good.


  1. Review Esther’s life before she was chosen as queen. Discuss the various perspectives she might have on each of these steps, including being chosen.

  2. Haman seems to have everything he could ever want, but he can’t be content as long as Mordecai doesn’t show him respect. Can you relate in any way?

  3. Has there ever been a time when you feel like God’s given you a chance to take part in his story? How did you respond?

  4. Do you believe that God has a plan in your life and in our world? What’s your evidence?

  5. Do you feel like God is calling you to something now?

  6. Have you ever felt like you’ve had to trust God’s timing in your life? What was that like?

Kenny Camacho