7.7.19 - Joseph, His Brothers, and that Amazing, Technicolor Dreamcoat (Kenny Camacho)

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 37; 45:1-15; 50:19-21

The story of Joseph and his brothers is long, complicated, and (as it turns out) makes for a pretty good musical. But behind this story of betrayal and incredible forgiveness, God is working to fulfill his promises made many years before to Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph’s father, Jacob. This week, we want to explore what it means to trust God’s promises by living a life that is humble and open. It is a mistake to think that God performs or even “permits” evil in the world. But it is true that God can and does use the brokenness of people to work wonders and reveal who he is to us. As we live our own lives, howo can we grow in our trust in God’s character and even stay on the lookout for it...even when things feel hopeless?


  1. Describe examples (personal or of others) where evil struck and vindication or redemption was long in coming.  

  2. Describe examples of delayed redemption coming to fulfillment.

  3. Have you experienced times in which you were the offender and God undid your sin and made something beautiful out of it? If so, share it.

  4. What does the story of Joseph and his brothers tell you about God and his ways?

  5. What unchanging character of God is seen in this example, and what application might we see in this story?

  6. When has God called (and may be calling) you to "wait and/or work" for righteousness and justice in the earth or in your personal life?

Kenny Camacho