6.2.19 - What God Values (Kenny Camacho)

SCRIPTURE: Malachi 2:10-16

God values faithfulness: both our faithfulness to him, and our faithfulness to one another. In this section of Malachi, God accuses the people of treachery against him by way of their treachery against their own wives. The Isrealites respond by denying it, accusing God of no longer paying attention to their offerings, and refusing to give them what they want. But the Israelites’ suffering is the logical byproduct of their decisions to behave seflishly! God’s rejection of their offerings, Malachi says, is the only right response of a God whose character is unimpeachable and whose passion for justice is complete. If the Israelites want God’s favor again, they must first recommit themselves to the kinds of relationships and promises God values. The truth is that we all have a common father in God: we were created by him, and therefore, we need to treat each other with the faithfulness we owe to family members. If we do this, Malachi predicts the coming of a day--and a king--whose reign will bring restoration, grace, and forgiveness for all. This morning, we want to explore the temptations that keep us from faithfulness...and be challenged to lay down our own weaknesses at the foot of a God whose strength can and will make us true to one another.


  1. Do you think of your church as family? What would change in your commitment to your church if you saw them as your brothers and sisters?

  2. The Bible often uses marriage to illustrate the relationship between God and his people. Why is this a powerful metaphor?

  3. Does experiencing Jesus’s faithfulness make you more faithful? How?

  4. Twice in Malachi 2:15-16, Malachi tells the Israelites to “guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith (be unfaithful)” How do we guard against possible unfaithfulness in our relationship with God?

  5. Do you need to seek forgiveness from being unfaithful (to God or in a relationship)? Is there anyone you need to forgive for being unfaithful to you?

Kenny Camacho