4.7.19 - Messy Jesus (Kenny Camacho; story by Dante Griffin)

SCRIPTURE: John 4:1-42; John 1:14-18; Matthew 28:20

The Gospel of John says that Jesus loves us so much that he came down from Heaven to live among us and love us in person. Once he did this, the model he established for us was one of selflessness, total compassion, love, and sacrifice. If we hope to follow the example of Jesus, we absolutely have to be willing to step into the messiest parts of the lives of the people we love. That's a key part of Jesus's whole story: he cares enough to 1) come to where we are, 2) see us and heal us, 3) trust us with work to do, and 4) walk with us as we move (slowly) forward.


  1. If you are a follower of Jesus, the story of the “Woman at the Well” in John 4 is probably very familiar to you: did God draw your attention to anything new in the story this week? If you are not a follower of Jesus, or if you are new to church, what was it like to hear this story for the first time? Spend some time talking through both experiences together. What do you think the “big ideas” of this story might be?

  2. How can a church follow Jesus’s example by meeting people where they are? How can you do this?

  3. Is there anyone in your life who you trust to see you fully? Does anyone trust you in this way? Do you think being “known” more would be healthy for you?

  4. What “work” does Jesus entrust to his disciples after the Samaritan woman leaves? What work does she go on to do while they are talking?

  5. In Matthew 28:20, Jesus promises to be with us “to the very end of the age.” Do you ever struggle to believe this? How can you find help for yourself or work to help others through this tension?

Kenny Camacho