2.10.19 - Jesus's Plan for the Church & Waiting Well (Kenny Camacho)

SCRIPTURE: Acts 1 (Acts 1:6-17, 20-26)

When Jesus ascends into heaven, he leaves his disciples with a clear plan, but an unclear timeframe: they are going to become God’s messengers not just where they live, but to the ends of the earth. But before that happens, they are to wait on the arrival of the “Holy Spirit” to help and lead them. This week, we want to talk about how we take steps in the directions God lays out for us, and what it means to seek God’s guidance through patience, prayer, and even careful action. We want to be reminded that God’s authority isn’t limited to setting a course for us and sending us on our way; he is with us as we go, and we can have confidence in his authority even when the steps we take are uncertain.  


  1. What do you think God’s plan is for the church/Christians? Do you feel like a part of that plan? Why or why not?

  2. What are your thoughts about the Holy Spirit? If you are a Christian, do you feel like the Holy Spirit is a real part of your life?

  3. Can you relate to the moment when the disciples are standing around, waiting for God to do something...and then the two men show up to tell them to “get back to work”? What are you currently “waiting” on from God? What work do you think God might be asking you to “get on with” while you are waiting?

  4. In Acts 1, the disciples ask Jesus if it is finally time for him to restore God’s kingdom among the Israelites. But Jesus refuses to answer, instead suggesting that 1) their vision of what God is doing is too small, and 2) the limits they put on who counts as “God’s people” are too narrow. Have you ever had a similar experience, where God ended up pushing you to “think bigger” about his plans for you?

  5. How can we act in responsible and faithful ways, even when we aren’t completely sure what God is asking us to do? What resources can we use to help us have confidence we are doing the right thing?

Kenny Camacho