1.6.19 - Why Church? (Kenny Camacho)


Hebrews 10:19-25; Romans 15:1-13; Revelation 19:6-8


The church exists to celebrate Jesus, make and develop disciples, and share God’s love with others. But, in 2019, do we still really need to meet together in a building on Sundays to accomplish these goals? According to the leaders of the early church, the answer is yes! In letters to both Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians, the cases for gathering together are made separately, and in line with local customs...but both letters have one piece in common: the church exists for good. In other words, we aren’t here for ourselves: if we were, we could find everything this church provides, at a higher quality, somewhere else! Instead, we are here for one another...and for our neighbors. This part of our calling is unique; however, it also requires that we step into our roles instead of simply observing.


  1. Why did you start going to church? What makes church important to you?

  2. Have the reasons you go to church changed over the years?

  3. What do you believe the church exists to do?

  4. Have you served in a church community before in a specific role? What role was it? Why did you step into this role, and what do you feel the value of that work might have been?

  5. What are some of the specific gifts or qualities you have that you have seen contribute to various roles or relationships in your life? How might those gifts or qualities serve others in our church community, or in other relationships?

Susanne Leach