5.6.18 - On Sinai: God Goes With Us (Kenny Camacho)

Here are a few questions you might want to work through with your Groups this week, if you are discussing the current series:

1. This week, Kenny talked about the mistake of "running out ahead" of where God is. He talked, confessionally, about himself, and his own tendency to "do stuff God would like," even if it wasn't what he felt called or directed or equipped to do. Is this something you can relate to? Have you ever found yourself doing Christian things, even though you weren't sure if it was what God was calling you to? Discuss these experiences: what problems did you encounter? What did you learn? What ended up happening?

2. One of the major points Kenny reiterated--over and over again!--was that the salvation of the Israelites happened before God gave them the Law. Why was this such an important point? How does the Truth of this impact our own lives? Have you wrestled with getting the "order" of these two things confused in your own life? 

3. The big lesson Moses finally learns on Mt. Sinai is that if God isn't going with him, he shouldn't go. This a huge deal for Moses and the Israelites...but does it make a different in your life, too? How can you apply this revelation to yourself? 

4. The reason Moses has to wait on God isn't because God is indecisive or slow-to-act, but because Moses (and the Israelites) simply cannot keep the covenant without God's help. In order to be effective, they learn that they must be vessels--and not emissaries--of God. What is the difference between those two things, in your view? Have you ever felt like you were a "vessel" of God's word or love or presence? When? Why? How has that event shaped your own thoughts about God?

5. The big question this week was about whether or not you are bearing the image of God that is already in you? How do you feel about this question? What is easy/hard to accept about it? Why?

6. There were 3 "action questions" at the end of the sermon: 

  • Do you know the God whose image you bear?
  • Are you being God to others?
  • Are you running out in front of where God wants you to be? 

Discuss each of these questions as a Group: what do they mean to each of you? What examples of "success" have you seen before in your life?

Susanne Leach