3.4.18 - The Gentleness of God (Kenny Camacho)

**The audio link below is missing a portion of the beginning of the sermon from this week. If you would like to read the sermon in its entirety, you can find the full text HERE. **

This week, Kenny discusses the essential, gentle nature of God on display in both the Old and New Testaments. He argues for a God who responds to our withdrawal from Him by pursuing us, assuring us of His commitment to us, patiently waiting for us, and when we open ourselves up to HIm, bringing light into the darkest corners of who we are. Kenny makes the case that we, as individuals and as a church, have a clear calling to love gently, in imitation of how God has loved us. This means that we must commit to: patience with one another, presence (even when we disagree), and pushes towards Truth...while also committing to be there for other people, no matter what

Susanne Leach