2.4.18 - Why Does Jesus Raise Lazarus from the Dead? (Kenny Camacho)

February 4, 2018

This week, Kenny talks through the last of the miraculous "signs" John records in his Gospel: Jesus's resurrection of His friend, Lazarus, from the dead. Kenny argues that this amazing event is actually best understood in light of the preceding chapter, when Jesus is almost stoned to death by several Jewish leaders in the Temple after He claimed to have the authority to interpret the Scriptures. By raising Lazarus from the dead-and by doing this in such close proximity to the Temple!-Jesus asserts His full and complete authority. Consequently, the leaders who had previously tried to kill Him were faced with a choice: is Jesus right about who He says He is-the King Messiah, come to usher in the Kingdom of God-or not? Similarly, the overwhelming nature of Jesus's power and authority force each of us to choose: do we trust ourselves to decide who Jesus is...or do we trust Him to do that? Our challenge this week is a big one: are we willing to trade our desire to know everything about Jesus before we make up our minds about Him...for the opportunity to know more about Him by investing in an ongoing and sacrificial relationship

Scripture: John 10 & 11

Susanne Leach