It's Not What You Think - Week 1 (w/ Brendan Greeley)

This week Josh kicked off a new series on money with a conversation with Brendan Greeley.  Brendan is former staff writer for Businessweek and The Economist, and a former host of Bloomberg Surveillance. He is currently a personal finance columnist for Men's Health magazine and a soccer coach for 8-year-olds.

Josh and Brendan discuss how the ways we think about money and debt oftentimes keep us from making good and helpful decisions for ourselves and for others. Then, they dig into what Jesus has to say about money by looking at Luke 12:13-21 and Luke 12:33-34

The challenge for this week was to be generous.  In order to make sure that money doesn't have a hold on us, we have to be willing to give it away. Based on Jesus' words, Josh challenged the Revolution community to practice the words of Jesus by giving generously to God by giving to people.  A few examples of ways to do this: